PE Liner

The liners for FIBC are produced from virgin PE polymers. As a standard production procedure the liners are made using food approved polymers. The latest liner extrusion technology equipments are used to ensure minimum variation in the wall thickness across the surface area of the bag and a high degree of clarity. 

The FIBC liner manufacturing at Big Bags offers flexibility and dynamism in length, width, thickness and designs to enable a wide range of options and possibilities. Liners can be sewn or glued with the outer bag. Colored liners, co-extruded liners and antistatic liners can be produced on request. 

Big Bags produces 3 layer co-extruded liners with a circumference ranging between 240cm to 450cm and thickness ranging between 40microns to 150microns. 

Liner options 

  • Form fit with/without bottom sealed
  • Tubular with/without bottom sealed
  • Suspended liner
  • Collar liners
  • Baffled liners


Aluminium Liner

Aluminum liner is better in moisture and oxygen protection than polyethelene liners which makes it the ideal choice for oxygen and moixture sensitive products. The liner is made by laminating aluminum foil with layers of plastic. It can be made to various sizes to fit your application.


“To produce world-class FIBCs competitively in the global market, with the involvement of all our employees towards meeting needs and expectations of all our customers with the utmost quality, hygiene and consistency.”

Ravish B. Kamath
Chief Executive Officer
Big Bags International

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